Fort Cerise
European spirits agency

Fort Cerise

European spirits agency


Creating markets for spirits.

Headquartered in the Netherlands, centrally located in the middle of Europe, we open up European markets for great spirit brands who need a reliable, creative and experienced partner. Our company focusses on acquiring and managing markets for spirit brands who wish to outsource their export management. We work as we would be employed by your company and negotiate on your behalf. With a broad network mostly in Europe we can help spirit brands achieve great results by introducing your brands to relevant distributors, importers or wholesalers.

We only handle one brand per category.
— Company promise.



Delft, The Netherlands

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Areas of Practice

GEtting ready for europe

Before you export to country X, Y or Z; you need to make sure you have sorted out your paperwork, essential marketing materials and logistic capabilities. We perform a check on the bare necessities and if needed provide for the missing documents, price builds, presentations and adequate stock levels.

Market Research and analysis

At this point, we are ready for export. Before we enter the market we make an analysis on the market; which brands are there? What is the route to market? Who makes what margin? Which importers carry which brands? Which importers are suitable for your brand?

Market acquisition

When the market is investigated, we know which potential distributors are interested in the brand. We can start up meetings to bring the brand to the right partner. Whether it’s a niche player or a high volume distributor. 
We make sure you have the right partner.


Once you have your product in a newly acquired country, it’s time to execute marketing. We monitor and manager your marketing strategy and distribute the (A&P) budgets accordingly. 

Public Relations

Time to get the word on the street and in the bars. We know the bloggers, instagrammers, trade magazine journalists and everybody involved in making brands great. With the right attention and a little budget, a huge difference can be made for your brand.

spirits distribuTION

If you’re located outside the EU, it might be a good idea to set up a hub in the Netherlands. From here we can send out stock to your new European partners. We can handle all logistics, excise documents, distributor labels, duty stamps and more.

Performance monitoring

Sales are up and running, bottles travel from A to B. This is the time to monitor the market and your penetration in this market. We work with quarterly reports to define needs, demands and results back and forth to the brand owner and distributor. Maybe you want to switch your distribution from niche to national? Or you want to start in retail chains? At some point the growth needs an extra push and we know the buttons to press.

Market penetration

Distribution is acquired, a marketing plan is in place; it’s time to get to know the market better. On a regular basis we visit the market and boost sales with the local distributor. Whether it is to secure high volume retail listings, or that special top 50 bar of the world. We dig in the market make people fall in love with your brand.



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