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Distributor acquisition

We love making the right kind of deal.


Finding your distribution

We have an active network of solid distributors that works for you. Depending on the market and your brands, we can make a good choice what type of distribution you need. The factors we look at are broad, like how many sales people do they have? And how are they working with retail, on-trade and travel-retail? Are they focussed on niche brands or focussed on volume brands? Finding the right type of distributor makes the difference between an struggling partnership or a match made in heaven.

A good relationship doesn't come overnight. This service takes some time as we value to build real and meaningful relationships between us, the brand and the distributor. As all parties are in it together with financial commitments, a trusted relationship is imperative.

We find the right partner, make the deal and open up the market.


A brand new market for your brand.


Summary of the acquisition efforts and the details of your new customer.

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