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Market analysis

Big data and in-field knowlegde on your fingertips


Desk Research

We can do a desk research based on facts and numbers supplied by IWSR. They gather all relevant market data in terms of numbers, volumes and categories. We can do an overview of the European markets, or more in depth into a specific country. By doing this you will find out where the gap in the market is, the most likely profitable price point for your brands and which countries are most likely to be succesful. 
The report will analyse the split between on and off trade, as well as competing brands and how they perform over the last years with a forecast for the next years.

Is the market collapsing or growing? A general feeling or hunch might be correct but we believe we're better safe than sorry. 


In field research

Having done the number crunching and data analysis, we take a trip into the desired market. We speak with potential distributors, and we go to as many outlets per category we can. That means we investigate from the bottom of the chain to the top how certain distributors are perceived, which ones have power and which ones have boots on the ground. From a website an importer can look amazing, but if they do not have sales people to carry your brand to the bar it's a pointless excercise. 
We visit the hotelbars, hotel chains, retail chains, high-end and middle-end cocktail bars, clubs and local bars to see how competing brands are performing, who does what in the market and which key bartenders are potentially interesting for your brand.
Next to the horeca research, we investigate which media channels are important and which bloggers or instagrammers have effect on this particular market.

After the visit, we usually have one or two potential distributors interested in your brand.


A thorough market insight with a plan of attack.


Keynote presentation of data analysis
Keynote presentation of field research
General plan of attack
List of horeca, media and distributors.

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