Fort Cerise
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Logistics & distribution

Your pallets anywhere without fuss.


Amsterdam Warehousing

We have a close relationship with a bonded warehouse in Amsterdam. In short; all stock is warehoused, under bond and accounted for. Furthermore we arrange the transport, Ex-A documents, EMCS and everything you would expect from a bonded warehouse. We also offer value added logistics such as distributor labelling or repackaging of products. We also work with Parkstreet for US Customers who wish to expand into Europe. Both warehouses offer the same quality level of services.

For overseas transport our preferred partner is JF Hillebrand, the world's leading beverage transporter. The collaboration between all involved parties is seamless and without stress. We deliver monthly stock reports and EMCS reports.

With Fort Cerise, your stock is safe and transported securely.


Piece of mind knowing your stock is safe and delivered correctly to the customer.


Monthly report on stock movements and levels.

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