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The List

Succesful acquistion and brand building doesn't happen overnight and even we don't have a magic bullet that shoots right into stardom unfortunately. In order to be as efficient and profitable as possible. We take care we have all the boxes ticked before we get started. When you finally close that deal, you don't want to be out of stock, or find out you don't have a logo in a proper format. 
Our getting-ready-program consists of the following items:

- Accurate price build per market you wish to acquire
- Check if importer labels are needed, design and print them and decide where they go
- Check the transport requirements in terms of packing, labelling, certificates and soforth
- Check A&P markup on the bottle
- Check stock levels in warehouse and determine delivery times for future orders
- Prepare concept distributor contract
- Prepare general market approach
- Prepare product/brand presentation
- Prepare samples and / or gift boxes to send out to potential distributors
- Gather all the company details in terms of Excise licenses, warehouses, VAT, IBAN, etc
- Set up distributor spread sheet
- Set up our sales software for your brands
- Determine starting budget for acquisition
- Collect all relevant photography
- Collect all relevant brand logo's in EPS and PNG/JPG
- Set up Facebook & Instagram accounts
- Set up 'starting package' for newly acquired importers.

What do you gain?

Once we have set up all this, you are good to export to any country in the European Union and beyond. You already might have a few of these items marked down on your list, and with our completion of it you can venture out on your own, or let us do the ground work for you.


Excel spreadsheet with price build
Check list with all items marked down and how-to's
Presentations (Sales/marketing for your brand)
Implementation and access to our software
Company details overview sheet
A dropbox folder with all the relevant files and data for you to use.

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