Fort Cerise
European spirits agency

Market Penetration

Market penetration

We dive into the market, hands on.


Hands on, direct contact

The best way to understand your sales potential is to dive into the market yourself. We travel regularly to markets where we go into the barscene and build relationships with the who's who in the specific market. Once we have an understanding we can tailor marketing needs to that market and make customers more happy with the unique approach. POS materials that are developed behind a desk thousands of miles away doesn't necessarily work in a bar, so we go to the bar and speak with the leading players in the barscene to find out what's happening and what's working.

Consecutively we can do difficult sales meetings with your top customers to bring in a little extra weight and more speed in decision making. By helping out the local distributor either by training and supporting the local sales force, or by bringing in some added marketing budget we achieve the targets and also make both the distributor as the customer a little bit more happy with the partnership.


What do you gain

Sales, deep market insights


Travel report.

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